Through the use of readily available and proven hardware technologies

combined with innovative proprietary software, Iontraxx is able to track

specific data on where equipment is and how it is being utilized. This

method to track how and how much material is being used is organized

into reports and studies that is used as a metric to understand the rate

of project progression or potentially identify other bottlenecks in operations.

The majority of the hardware is in the form of GPS trackers, passive and

active radio frequency ID tags and bar code scanners.

Research is conducted into new technology that may be required as Iontraxx seeks to identify components that are not easily identifiable or traceable

via tags for items such as copper wire, underground conduit, specialized tools and long lead time or custom equipment. Some of this material (such

as copper wire) is easily misappropriated and Iontraxx seeks new methods to deter theft and loss of these critical components while still keeping a

minimal profile to reduce attention.

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